What is online test series?

An online test series is the mock test or practice test that is taken up by candidates as a part of studying.Taking up such mock tests, helps them decide on the further study plan; meaning, it helps them analyse how much study they have done and how much more needs to be done.

They have been replaced by virtual tests and mocks. The new methods to test a person’s knowledge is by testing him through the online test series. Online Test Series is an online assessment tool which will help students to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

They are the mock exams or say ‘Practice tests’ that help the student to evaluate their preparedness for the final exams.

They are the mock exams or say ‘Practice tests’ that help the students to analyse their study and how much more or less they need to focus on working on the subjects.

Online Test Series is a set of mock exams that are conducted virtually instead of manually.
These set of examinations is taken up to build in the confidence of the candidate to appear for the actual examination.

These examinations are designed such that they are extremely user-friendly and can be taken from any place.
Meaning, a person can have access to the online test series with the means of the internet from any corner of any city.

online test series is a media for disseminating and conducting tests, thus maintaining a uniform pattern for all the examinees throughout the organization. The task of maintaining the record of scores and the tests for which a particular candidate has appeared is done by the portal. The progress reports can be printed at any point of time by just providing the necessary details of a candidate.

This tool can also be used by faculty members to create question papers. They can provide a question bank consisting of questions of varied difficulty levels. The same can be put to use in corporate organizations and universities or colleges. The internet creates opportunities for making examinations both more reliable and cheaper than they are already.

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